2017 Conference to be Held in Cape Town

One Solution is excited to partner with True North in hosting One Solution 2017 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Why South Africa?

South Africa has long been referred to as the Rainbow Nation because of its incredible diversity of people, a nation made up of many people, with different languages, traditions, religions and skin tones.

We are passionate about the country of our birth and are excited to share with its people the healing and transformative power of a simple understanding of the mind. There is one common denominator that unites us all.

We live in a world of thought but with little or no understanding of how it impacts every decision, every action, every reaction. We want to expose this invisible link between our thoughts, feelings and actions and with it reveal what lies beneath: the triumph of the human spirit. What Madiba referred to as ‘the flame that can be hidden but never extinguished’.

You will be hearing from a range of world class inspiring speakers from the US, UK and Europe. So diarise the dates as we aim for Africa. Further details to follow.

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  1. Jane Watson

    please could someone phone me please. Re: tomorrow.
    Jane Watson 0839962824 I have booked to come but I am having major health issues and I am desperate to talk to someone.

    Many thanks, Love Jane

    1. Jeff Ballinger

      I have shared your email with the event organizers.

      Jeff Ballinger
      site webmaster

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