Gina Levy

architect, serial social entrepreneur and yoga teacher

Gina Levy

architect, serial social entrepreneur and yoga teacher


Gina is an architect, serial social entrepreneur, and kid’s yoga teacher. She is also a qualified dance, and speech & drama teacher, who speaks French, a rusty Hebrew, and is learning the most beautiful language in the world – Italian!

In essence, Gina is a big picture person, problem-solver, change-maker and life-adventurer! She uses her creativity, innovation, curiosity, design and communication skills to generate NEW IDEAS that will help solve broad social challenges in South Africa and beyond. Her ideas aim to raise awareness, shift paradigms, and inspire action amongst ordinary & extraordinary people. You’ll usually find her yoga-ing or dancing, on a beach, up a mountain or cycling under the light of the full moon.

Gina is the founder of Upstarts, a multifaceted holistic platform/programme designed to develop students and aspiring entrepreneurs into all-rounded human beings – who become self-empowered, solution driven, self-sustainable, live consciously, lead with purpose and impact humanity.

Gina also founded Supernews, a citizen-generated online news network that reports uplifting, inspiring and innovative news stories – and it’s offshoot, Super Stage, a live social innovation platform designed to crowd-source student solutions to SA challenges. 

Ori.gina.l is her architecture/design company, which re-designs, re-purposes and re-activates overlooked spaces into inspiring, innovative, interactive and impactful human spaces. She is also the creator of Translate SA, a multi-lingual magnetic product that teaches locals to speak ‘S’African’ in a fun way! 

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