John Scott

founder of iamJohnScott and co-creator of A Curious World

John Scott

founder of iamJohnScott and co-creator of A Curious World


John Scott is a coach, founder of iamJohnScott and co-creator of A Curious World.

A former Creative Director, John has 16 years experience in the field of design and branding. In 2013, whilst looking to develop his creative potential and better reconcile himself with the world around him, John was introduced to a new understanding of the mind. It had a profound effect on him.

He saw that it was not only the key to his creativity, but that it was the key for lasting, positive change in all areas of his life. More importantly, he saw that the basic principles it introduces are fundamental to all our lives and as such have the potential to benefit every individual, and therefore every organization, institute and society.

This clarity led to him to leave the design industry, train as a coach in this understanding and set up his practice. His purpose is simple: to help others see the truth in these powerful principles of the mind for themselves.

Central to this purpose is his belief in the ability of visual arts and media to communicate ideas simply and directly. In addition to working as a coach, he exercises his love for creative expression by bringing his insights and understanding to life visually.

Since June 2016 he has been co creating ‘A Curious World’, an ambitious project with a clear vision. Through the character ‘Curious the Dragonfly’ it seeks to use an animated cartoon series, apps, interactive games and online platforms to help kids around the world understand where their feelings come from.

John lives in London with his wife Lizzie and their dog Loki.

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